Saturday, August 3, 2013

At the Zoo

Yesterday was yet another anniversary of my 30th birthday, oh bother. In an unprecedented move, Fuschia allowed me to design a perfect day for us to spend, without censure.  Breakfast in bed, a luxurious spa morning, spending the day on beautiful water riding jet skis, and finally retiring to the local Capitol Grille for filet and lobster. That's a perfect day, my friend. 

Unfortunately, the current budgetary situation and economic climate of our household, combined with Fushia's fiduciary responsibility, did not allow for perfection at this time.  Such is life, right?

We went with the runner-up day, instead. Recently, I've been engaging in a little frugal living via couponing. That show, you know which one, made me wonder if I could also pay 15% or less of the sticker price for my groceries and whatnot. Long story short: I can. So when I was planning a day of whatever I wanted to do, coupons became the theme.

We started with a quick pharmacy store run which netted me 4 bottles of dish detergent and 6 snacks for $.94.  Bagel sandwiches for breakfast should've been $5, but I forgot the paper money in the car, so we paid the full $8. Bummer.

Our main entertainment activity of the day was the Louisville Zoo. I'd heard good things, happened to have a coupon and a whole, cloud-free day to explore, so off we went. Fuschia and I happen to be veteran zoo goers, passing many a weekend day wandering around the local menagerie. Zoos, I know about.

Louisvillians, I apologize, but your zoo is not so great. The exhibits are kitschy and underpopulated, the paths lack adequate shade and the interpretive info (a must for people like me) was sadly underwhelming. There were exactly three decent moments in the wild yesterday: I had a bonding moment with an orangutan; I saw a Pygmy hippopotamus for the first time ever; and I was able to buy a sno-cone with my plastic card at the little cart.

Two hours after arrival, we left, heading off to search for a light repast.  Because I'm me, and I'm a pizza addict, we decided to kick it old school and use a Pizza Hut coupon. We both flash backed to the summer reading program while eating our little personal pan pizzas, but they were so tasty.

We ended the afternoon with a craft store trip for fall crafting supplies, followed by the most luxurious nap ever taken by two adults.  The night was capped off by dinner (yummy Chinese) and couponing run to Target and Kroger. 80% and 75% savings, respectively.

Wile my birthday bore no resemblance to what a perfect day would be for me, it was exactly the day I wanted and needed this year. A whole day to putter around, be ridiculously tight-fisted and hang out with Fuschia. Perfection, after all.

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