Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ahh Life

Fuschia and I had gotten pretty spoiled with a relatively slow paced life, but not anymore.  We've been boobs to the wall for a month now with no signs of slowing down.  Of course, we still have our priorities straight: naptime is encouraged, long contemplative walks are an excellent way to avoid chores, and veggies must be eaten (particularly if deep fried).

Just to give you an overview of what we've been up to:

 We hosted a small St Pat's Day do complete with deviled eggs, homemade pickles, balsamic shrooms, fruit kabobs, and a lime punch.  What makes you think I've been Pinteresting?

A couple of weeks ago I was awfully homesick, so I channeled my Mama and made a serious Southern feast.  Cornmeal battered tilapia, carrot souffle, butter beans, green beans and new potatoes, plus fried corn bread.  Yummy.

 This past week I stumbled across a Top Chef recipe I've been wanting to try: Honey-Scallion Potatoes.  These were so easy and so delicious that I'm tempted to make them everyday.  Unfortunately they contain a couple of items not intended for daily usage: bacon, oil, butter and sugar.  Maybe I could come up with a baked version....

We're all caught up for now, but with Mama and Mema coming to town I anticipate new adventures to relate next week...

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