Thursday, July 14, 2011

And so it begins...

Being a grownup is long on hardwork and short on reward, right? Lately it seems like Fuchsia and I do nothing but worry over work, family illness, our 401ks and the date on the milk carton.  When did everyday life become such an unbelievable downer? 

In an attempt to inject some fun and interest into the ol' grind we've started looking for ways to expand our homesteading adventures.  Right now we're the Homesteader Lite type.  We recycle, can jams, pick fruit, buy vintage, use the library and reject (most) conspicuous consumption.  It's really time to step it up and become full-flavored, totally committed Homesteaders. 

Our laundry list of dream projects is lengthy, but achievable: outdoor clothes line, bee hives, compost piles, vermicomposting, chickens, espaliered dwarf fruit trees, foraging, cheese making, bread making and of course, gardening.  If that sounds like overly ambitious, pie-in-the-sky type business to ya, you're not alone.  Most people can't conceive of doing all of that and working, too.  Lately, with all the free time I have since I stopped clubbing and binge drinking (in 07), I've realized that watching TV and umm, watching more TV just aren't fulfilling for some of us.

Even HGTV and the Food Network (my absolute faves) can only hold my interest for 2-3 hours a week at best.  I love to read, but even I like to occasionally get off my ass and DO something. Hence the interest in total homesteading. To really progress much further we need our own property with at least 1/10 of an acre, some sunlight and neighbors who share our passion or are a little myopic/disinterested/never around. 

In this lil corner of Kentuckiana we call home (for now) there are plenty of options for low-cost, progressive-friendly neighborhoods and we've logged a lotta time looking at possibilities.  Our goal is to find and move in before Oct 1 so we can get garlic in the ground, but we'll see. Wish us happy hunting.

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